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When I was writing The Light Compass, I knew I wanted it to be more than a guidebook. I wanted it to be an experience

I wanted to share the tools that I have learned along the way that have helped me heal, strengthen my connection to Spirit, and believe in myself and a power far greater than anything any of us can ever imagine.


There is no right way to walk the spiritual path. There is only your path. 

The path back to home to yourself,

The path of healing and growth and many 'WTF' moments.


The Light Compass is meant to be a guidebook, a guiding light as you begin to wake up to your souls calling and walk the path you are destined to be on.

When you purchase a copy of my book, The Light Compass, you get lifetime access to my virtual workshop, The Light Compass Workshop {$99 value} for free.

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A healer is someone who has the ability to turn trauma into wisdom.

She is one who experiences pain and takes the necessary action to heal rather than to fix.

She finds comfort in nature, and is often times drawn to the water, because of its natural healing abilities.

She understands her divine nature and listens to the whispers of her soul.

She often times will feel like an outsider at an early age because she lives in a world where most need healing, When she is the one who heals.

She holds the mind of an eternal student, for in knowledge comes wisdom, and within wisdom comes healing.

She has a natural ability of making one feel safe and seen.

She radiates a vibrant green aura.

Healers walk among us in many different professions.

Some wear scrubs, others cut hair.

Some are teachers, others are Spiritual readers.

When it comes to being a healer, it is not about what you do.

It is about who you are.

You’re a healer at the soul level, You have been a healer for many...

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