Dealing with toxic people

toxic people Dec 02, 2021

"It's like talking to a brick wall..."

We have all used the phrase. We have all felt the disappointment when trying to talk to someone about something they just don't quite get. 

We use a lot of our time coming up with the things we want to say. We go over the sentences over and over again in our mind making sure that everything is precise and honest. We live in anxiety until we finally build up the courage to speak to the person.

We say our carefully constructed words with kindness and empathy,

We feel our hearts racing,

Hands shaking,

and ego's trying to pull us back from speaking our truth.

After it's done, after the words are spoken, we expect a light bulb go off. A sign. Anything to let us know that our words were heard, our feelings are justified, and our hurt is something that can be healed.

And yet... we get no such sign.

You see in the eyes of the person you approached that not one ounce of your truth was processed.

There is not one sign that indicates...

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