35 signs you are an Earth Angel

earth angel traits Sep 30, 2019

Starseeds, Lightworkers, Earth Angels...

Although all these labels have very similar characteristics, there are differences between them all. 

Regardless of what you believe yourself to be, we all are light beings with a divine connection to source energy.

In this blog post, I will discuss what an earth angel is as well as characteristics and traits that show you are an earth angel!

Before we go ahead, I want to let you know that this information is channeled with the help of my amazing spirit guide :)


Ready, let's go!

What is an Earth Angel?

An earth angel is a soul whom reincarnates as a human with a direct mission to save and nurture humanity. Earth angels are genetically programed to wake up to their souls calling at a certain point in time in order to start their mission as a light worker.

Earth Angels are considered to be light workers and many hold the same characteristics as star seeds, indigos, and empaths - but Earth Angels are souls that in the previous...

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