You call it extra, I call it alignment.

I have had every reading type of spiritual reading imaginable.

Akashic records.

Human Design. 

Angel Reading.

Regular Psychic/Mediumship Reading. 


and being a Psychic Medium myself, I'm able to listen to the whispers of my soul with ease. 


With that being said - 

I know for certain that my calling here on earth is to:

1) Experience joy and alignment.

2) Teach others principles and lessons that help them achieve joy, fulfillment, and have a magical fucking existence where they are truly connected to source and their highest self.


I know myself really well. I know what makes me happy, what makes me calm, what pisses me off, and what takes me out of alignment. 


And this is what I do that keeps me in a high vibrational place that allows me to access higher levels of consciousness, connect with people that have crossed over, and just be overall happy:


I fill my life with the things that make me feel good.

I avoid the things that...

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