Lets wake up together.

A mix of spiritual guidance/intuition/and NLP Life Coaching all in one.


"I'm ready for a shift.

I just have no idea where to start."


You know the old stories you are telling yourself are no longer working for you. You know that you have some incredible magic within you waiting to be released. But there are things you have to work through, stories that you have to rewrite, and intuition you need to start trusting.

What if I told you massive spiritual growth and transformation is easier and more accessible than you think?

I've been there babe. I've been the stay at home mom sitting on the couch thinking to myself how unrecognizable my life has become. I've been the business owner that is not aligned with what I'm doing. I've been the woman who can't get outside her own head long enough to realize that the things I was worrying about, we things that I had no control over.

We all the power inside of us, we all have the answers we seek. But let's be real, sometimes we need someone to coach us through it.

And that is exactly what I'll do for you.

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This program is catered to you, my client. Wherever you are on your path, this experience with 1:1 coaching is going to give you the tools, support, and push you need to start manifesting the life were meant to live!

Your intuition led you here.

Life coaching sessions with me are extremely unique. I incorporate not only my NLP training but my intuition and connection to spirit into all of my coaching sessions.

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The tools you need,

the support you desire.

Here is what you need to know:

  • 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session weekly
  • 12 Week Commitment Required
  • Price: $1,500 
  • Can be payed in monthly installments up to 12 months.
  • Lifetime access to the member portal with tools, NLP exercises, spiritual trainings, and more!

Hey girl, I'm Erica.


I'm a Psychic Medium, and your coach as you embark on this crazy journey. I grew up being sensitive and never finding a place where I fit in. My adolescence was filled with trauma, and a lack of empathy from my peers. This led me to make my empathy for others, my greatest super power.

You don't need anyone to save you. You have always had that power. You just need someone to open the door. And I'm your girl.

As much as I loved all of my 1:1 spiritual readings, I knew I could offer more. I knew that creating an environment for my clients to heal, grow, and evolve was my true calling. And here we are. 


Lets wake up together.

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I'm ready to take massive action.

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