Are you manic manifesting or intentionally manifesting?

Are you actually calling in what it is you desire or are there ...crickets?

Are you actually living in abundance or are you just throwing around the word and not ACTUALLY allowing yourself to live in full abundance with the universe?


If this sounds like you, there are a couple of things you need to know before you keep on wasting your precious time and energy trying to manifest what it is you want:

You at this very moment, are manifesting. You were born a manifester.


To go from being a manic manifester (attracting your like vibration) to ACTUALLY calling in your soul desires you need to become an INTENTIONAL manifester.


When it comes to abundance: it's not about calling it in: it's about creating a mindset and allowing the abundance to free flow naturally into your life. You can call in whatever you desire, but if you are not open and willing to RECEIVE it, it won't come into fruition. #truthbomb


If you know how spiritually supported you were, you would never question your worthiness ever again when it comes to your dreams and desires. 


Prosperity. Abundance. Support. Healing.


It's all readily available to you.

It's already yours. 


I've created a bundle of trainings, rituals, and experiences to help you:

  • Go from being a manic manifester and only attracting things here and there, to actually knowing the step by step process of intentionally calling in your DREAM life.
  • Hold gratitude while STILL creating space and calling your big desires.
  • Open yourself up to receiving the magic the universe has to offer.
  • Connect to yourself and your soul on a much deeper level than ever before.

If you are ready to take your manifestations, healing, and spiritual journey seriously then that's what we are going to do.


It's time to

Manifest | Prosper | Repeat

15 Experiences.

(I don't like calling these "trainings" because what is included is for the soul, not for the mind.)


Fine tune your manifestation game.

Begin to open yourself to receiving what it is you are calling in.

Call in gratitude while still desiring more..


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Whats included

  • Prosperity Support: Dieties and Ascended Masters to call in as you bring in Prosperity ($97 Value)
  • The Arte of Manifesting: Step by step training for intentional manifestation. ($197 value)
  • Intention Charcuterie: How to bring more intention into your life and kitchen. ($97 value)
  • How to coach yourself: Learn the Model on how to coach yourself our of unwanted emotions and circumstances. ($97 value)
  • Gratitude Despacho: A beautiful ritual to hold gratitude and create space for what is to come. ($197 value)
  • Call in your desires with the help of Crystals: How to create a crystal grid.
  • Activate your Next level self with Goddess Isis ($97 value)
  • Dark Moon Ritual: Release the past and create energetic room for your desires ($147 value)
  • The Energy & Frequency of Money: Deepen your connection to money ($197 value)
  • Natural State Activation: A powerful breathwork activation to bringing you back to your natural state. ($97 value)
  • Tools for Living in Abundance: Call in more abundance with these powerful tools ($97 value)
  • A year of self love: ritual, subliminals, and journal prompts for deepening your connection with yourself. ($147 value)
  • Sitting in Gratitude: Cacao Ceremony Audio Experience ($97 value)
  • Calling your Power Back: A guided meditation catered to helping you call back your energy ($49 value)

A combined value of over $1,500.00!

Hey! I'm Erica.

Intuitive Life & Business Mentor, Psychic Medium, and SOON to be Author! I've helped hundreds of women (& men!) dive deep into their own spiritual path while showing them how to trust their intuition and remember who the f*ck they are. 

This bundle is jam packed with training guaranteed to add essential tools to your spiritual and personal growth toolbox.

I'm excited you are here.

Lets wake up together!


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