Have you ever found yourself wishing you had trusted your intuition?

Hindsight can leave us with a rather unpleasant lingering feeling of being out of touch with ourselves and our lives.

It’s disturbing when you realize you could have had that job, won that competition, avoided a road accident or a heartbreak had you simply paid more attention to your intuition.

Many people have problems trusting their intuition and can’t tell it apart from wishful thinking or an active imagination.


As a result, they feel disconnected from their deeper selves.


If you feel a strong desire to connect with yourself on a deeper level, learn more, and experience more, then look no further.


The Mystic Mind Mentorship Program is designed for those ready to take radical responsibility for their lives and connect to their souls on a deeper level.


Scientific studies have concluded that intuition is a psychological process so rapid that it does not register at a conscious level.

Intuition is a form of unconscious intelligence that takes many forms and can include visual imagery and memories.

It manifests through your body via your senses, gut, heart, and without the use of logical processes.


When you tune into your intuition, you’ll make better decisions, solve problems faster, and identify dreams that are aligned with your core values and your true sense of purpose.


Everyone can attain intuition.

However, most people are not equipped to fine-tune their intuition and make it work for them.


The Mystic Mind Mentorship Program will give you the tools and know-how to fine-tune your intuition and intentions so that you may manifest and live the life you desire and deserve.

Learning how to live intuitively and with intention isn't something that happens overnight.


There are no shortcuts.

You are a work in progress, learning, growing, and healing every day.


I am an Intuitive Life & Business Mentor and a Psychic Medium.

I have fused my diverse skills and years of experience to create a program to help people wishing to enhance their lives through heightened intuition, intention, and spiritual awakening.


The Mystic Mind Mentorship Program is a journey into self-awakening, designed for those ready to access their inner voice.


It will guide you through the process of self-discovery and manifesting the life you desire and deserve.


The MysticMind Experience is a 12-month mentorship for those ready to develop a deeper connection to their soul and attain a higher version of themselves.


The 12-month mentorship program consists of techniques to promote spiritual development, personal development, and healing.

Here's how the program breaks down...

It includes the following:

● A one-hour, one-on-one monthly call with me ($3,000 value)
● Access to all of my courses ($2,000 value)
● Access to two mastermind groups every month for 12 months (recorded) ($2,400 value)
● Access to all coaching programs within the 12 months ($7,000 value)
● Access to all workshops (6 per year) ($1,400 value)
● 12-month access to my lower tier membership offer, The Intuitive Life Society. ($1,800 value)
● FB group access where all live events will be streamed. ($500 value)


Current Pricing:

Monthly Payments - $777 per month

Pay in Full - $8,000.00

The program requires a 12-month commitment.

Are you ready to manifest the life you desire, harness your intuition, learn to listen to your own inner wisdom, and start living with intention based upon that wisdom?
Fill out the application.
If you are a good candidate for the program, I will invite you to a free 20-minute discovery call.

The MysticMind Experience

This 12 month container is intended for those serious about their personal & spiritual growth. If this is you, I invite you to fill out an application.