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Learn, grow, and evolve in the comfort of your home and in your pajamas!

Learn the step by step process of cultivating more abundance within your life. This mini course will give you daily rituals you that will allow you to step into a higher level version of yourself.

You have heard about the Law of Attraction, but have you heard about the other 11 Universal Laws that govern our universe? This masterclass will teach you all of them and help you learn how to harness the laws of the universe.

Have you ever used the power of your own intuition to connect to the energy of the mineral kingdom? This course will teach the fundamentals of accessing your intuition as well as how to intuitively connect to the energy of crystals.

Being an 'empath' can be both a gift and a curse. In this course, I teach you how to turn your sensitivity into your superpower as well as simple ways to clear and protect your energy and deal with energetic overwhelm.

Embracing the parts of you that we leave hidden is crucial for our personal and spiritual growth. This course will give you exercises as well as insight on your shadow and allow you to honor the dark.

This course will give you everything need to have a good foundation while building your mediumship. Excellent for Beginner Mediums or those who want to strengthen their connection to spirit.


I've gathered up some of my top rated trainings from my coaching programs and courses to create these amazing bundles!

Soul Sessions Bundle

Spend some time with your soul with these enlightening trainings.


  • Soul Journey with Merlin 
  • The Healing Chamber 
  • Talk with your Shadow
  • Meet your Gatekeeper
  • Soul Alignment Activation

The Healers Bundle

Carefully curated to help the healer honor their gifts and the healing process.


  • The Inner Child Experience
  • Enlightenment Through Service
  • The Light Within
  • The Healing Archangels
  • The Healers Soul
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