"We all have magic. We just need to control our monkey minds long enough to realize it."

-Erica Russo, Founder

Hey! I'm Erica.

For me, Spiritual and Personal development is a life long commitment.

After experiencing a Spiritual Awakening back in 2016, I found myself feeling alone, isolated, and completely lost. I knew the life I was living and the person I was couldn't be a part of my future, but i had no idea what my future would look like.


Learn how to develop and strengthen your intuition.

Here's the thing babe: Intuition is for everyone. I want to give you the tools that helped me as well as many others tune in to the language of their soul and learn to live a more intuitive life! Grab the list today!


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The Intuitive 5K

A virtual weekend workshop dedicated to enhancing your Psychic & Mediumship abilities.

September 25th & 26th 2021.



The Healers Retreat

A virtual retreat for healers to release, receive and connect with other like minded souls and lightworkers.

November 13th & 14th 2021.


"Erica has an incredible ability. Whether its reading me or watching her read others she hits it spot on.... EVERY time. I know this gift has been given to her, and shes blown me away, as well as random people I ask her to do readings for. With in just this week alone shes connected dots for me, and I watched a coworker of mine cry tears of happiness because of how accurate she read a loved one who had passed. Erica has so much to offer anyone who needs answers or peace of mind. I have gone to her and will always go to her for guidance and answers."

Andrea Bondi
Former Client

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