Hey! I'm Erica.

I'm a Bestselling Author, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Life & Business Mentor, Boymom, and Podcaster.
For me, personal and psychic development are lifelong commitments, and I believe that developing these skills and embracing your intuition can lead to truly remarkable things.
After experiencing a Spiritual Awakening back in 2017, I found myself feeling alone, isolated, and completely lost. I knew the life I was living and the person I was couldn't be a part of my future, but I had no idea what my future would look like.
That's when I decided it was time for change, and began working on what would eventually become mediumship development, offering readings before eventually expanding the Intuitive Lifestyle Company into what it is today: a spiritually-led business designed to help women find their own inner voice and use Spirit to manifest the life and business of their wildest dreams.



Here's the thing: intuition is for everyone! That's why I've prepared a list of 15 exercises for intuition development...for free!

These are the tools that have helped me, and countless others, to tune into the language of their soul, harness psychic development, and learn to tune into their intuition.
You can grab this list today, and for free...just fill in your information and you'll receive all 15 exercises, straight to your inbox!


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My new book, The Light Compass is available now for those ready to trust their intuition and shine their light!

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