"We all have magic. We just need to control our monkey minds long enough to realize it."

-Erica Russo, Founder

Learn how to develop and strengthen your intuition.

Here's the thing babe: Intuition is for everyone. I want to give you the tools that helped me as well as many others tune in to the language of their soul and learn to live a more intuitive life! Grab the list today!


Hey! I'm Erica.

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Development Coach, Teacher, Mentor, Podcaster, Boy Mom, and Student of Life. I'm obsessed with helping women like myself tune into the language of the universe, strengthen their intuition, and live happy, spiritually driven lives. Thanks for stopping by!


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"Erica has an incredible ability. Whether its reading me or watching her read others she hits it spot on.... EVERY time. I know this gift has been given to her, and shes blown me away, as well as random people I ask her to do readings for. With in just this week alone shes connected dots for me, and I watched a coworker of mine cry tears of happiness because of how accurate she read a loved one who had passed. Erica has so much to offer anyone who needs answers or peace of mind. I have gone to her and will always go to her for guidance and answers."

Andrea Bondi
Former Client


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