1:1 Mentorship

for the Goal Getters, Chain Breakers, and Wave Makers.

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1:1 Mentorship

for the dreamer, chain breakers, and wave makers.

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A letter to my future client:


I see you over there. Building your brand, working on yourself, managing a household, and creating the life of your wildest dreams.


I see you holding the vision, setting the goals, holding onto faith, and never ever giving up.

You are a f*cking rockstar you know that?

You have no idea how much you inspire me. 


I'm here for the rebels, the ones that do life and business on their terms. I'm here for the rule breakers, the chain breakers, and the thought leaders. 

I'm here to get you out of your head and into your heart. I'm here to remind you the power you hold and cheer you on as you step into your next level of growth, wealth, healing, and expansion.

My private mentorship is a sacred container. One that I cherish and hold very close to my heart. 


Nothing is off limits. 

Money. Healing. Health. Sex. Mindset. Spiritual Talk. Energy Work. Business Coaching.

I'm here for all of it.

I'm here for you.


xo - Erica


Current Private Coaching Package - 4, 8, or 12 month option. 
Includes 2 Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls, 1 Somatic/Energy Healing per month, Voxer Access, Access to all programs and courses.
Minimum Investment is $20,000. 
Serious inquiries only.
"I have had the pleasure of having Erica a part of my spiritual development, virtually, for almost two years. I had the pleasure of being in her presence, in person, at the Diving Calling spiritual retreat. Having her as a spiritual mentor and coach has been life changing in itself, but being able to experience her in real life, is unmatched. My trust in Erica is as strong as my trust in spirit. She has pushed me and I have succeeded. The Divine Calling has pushed me even further through all of my glass ceilings. I am beyond grateful for her and this experience. If you think you are ready, this is your sign. I didn’t know what I was going to experience and neither should you. Just letting go and letting spirit flow brought more healing than I could have imagined. 

-Mikayla Caulfield, Psychic Medium
"Ericas online coaching program is a must!!!!! It was THE BEST investment I made in myself!! From boosting your intuitive skills to specializing your intuitive abilities to business marketing... she knows it all!! She is the real deal and I am forever grateful!!!"
Sahara Oda, Yoga Teacher & Mentor
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