For me, Spiritual and Personal development is a life long commitment.

After experiencing a Spiritual Awakening back in 2016, I found myself feeling alone, isolated, and completely lost. I knew the life I was living and the person I was couldn't be a part of my future, but i had no idea what my future would look like.

With both my inner and outer worlds turned upside down, I began a daily meditation practice with the hopes of quieting my mind. What I found through my daily meditation practice was my connection to Spirit, and my unique intuitive voice.

I decided to explore this part of myself that laid dormant within me my whole life. I took classes, attended workshops, found the best Mediumship Teachers in the world, and dedicated myself to my spiritual growth. While working on my psychic and mediumship abilities, I was also working on myself and that is the exact way I teach my clients to develop and enhance their connection.

I began offering readings in 2018 and then began expanding my business into offering online spiritual development circles and classes to help others enhance their own connection to Spirit. My unique path and the lessons I have learned along the way have taught me that real everlasting transformation is a life long commitment you make to yourself. You hold all of the answers to your questions within you and my mission in life is to help women find their own inner voice and use Spirit to manifest the life and business of their wildest dreams.

"A women who has her feet planted firmly on the ground, lives with intention, and follows her intuition is a women who will change the world."

-Erica Russo, Intuitive Lifestyle Company

Lets wake up together.

Being able to witness another womans growth and evolution is one of the reasons why I love this work. When it comes to spiritual and personal enlightenment, it is not about the destination, it's about being truly present in the journey.

Creating a sacred a place to share your wins, work through your muggle stuff, and celebrate all of your mile markers and spiritual growth spurts is something I am so grateful I am able to do.

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