Make sympathy your superpower, and embrace your empathy & intuition with the
Empowered Empath Course

Learn how to use your sensitivity to empower your intuition and aid your psychic development, with our Empowered Empath Course, formulated by Spiritual Mentor and Psychic Medium, Erica Russo.


"When I was growing up, sensitivity always seemed like a took a long time for me to realize that actually, my sensitivity, my empathy, could actually help people."


What the course covers:

  • Characteristics and traits of highly sensitive people & empaths
  • The difference between a Highly Sensitive Person vs. Empath
  • How to ground & protect your energy
  • How to clear your energy
  • The science behind being highly sensitive
  • Cultivating balance as a sensitive soul
  • How to identify energy vampires/toxic people
  • 4 Steps to turning your sensitivity into your superpower.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! I HAVE ADDED SOME EXTRA GOODIES! When you purchase this course you will also get:

  • Empath Toolkit EBook: 31 Exercises and tools to add to your toolbox!
  • Subliminal Recordings for the Empowered Empath
  • The Inner Child Experience: Embrace your inner child with this powerful training and journal exercise.
  • The Healing Chamber: Guided Meditation and Training.

Sign me up to grab the skills, tools, and mindset that will help me harness my sensitivity, empower my intuition, and gain insight into my psychic development!


I'm ready to step into my power.


Gain knowledge on the steps needed to embrace your sensitivity and live an empowered life.

Learn how to ground, protect, and clear your energy, using your intuition as a guide.

Have a toolbox filled with easy, effective exercises and tools to help sensitivity become your superpower!