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3 Questions to ask yourself when choosing a Spiritual Reader

scam artist spiritual reader spiritual reading Nov 07, 2020

Well... It finally happened.

Some scam artist created a fake account in my name. They took all of my photos, and content and went through my followers list and started randomly sending messages asking if people were interested in readings. 


Luckily, my followers are smart enough to reach out to me letting me what was going on. Here are some snapshots of the scam artist.

Being someone who has a strong moral compass, and has built my online platform helping others trust their own intuition and holding values of integrity and honesty, this burned my ass.


In all seriousness, whoever this person is, they chose the WRONG person to f*ck with. I'm so curious what was going on in this persons mind when they were taking screen shots of my instagram feed and uploading them to a new account. Did you honestly think I wasn't going to blast you all over my platform and podcast and turn this into learning experience?


With that being, I am going to take this lemon and make lemonade. The past couple of months I have witnessed a lot of things on social media that I want to talk about, specifically when it comes to spiritual readers. 

There are many spiritual readers who use the power of social media to connect with their following and potential clients, provide readings to the general public, and grow their businesses. I have been fortunate enough to connect with some amazing readers/people throughout my journey and have made wonderful life long friendships! But, I have also come across readers that rubbed me the wrong way and today, I want to share with you some practical questions you can ask yourself when trying to decide what spiritual reader is right for you and what ones are full of shit.

Ready? Lets go!

The first question to ask yourself:

1) Did they contact you?

This one is pretty self explanatory. Professional and honorable spiritual readers are NOT going to slide into your DM's and tell you they have a "special" going on. They have professional websites, and professional scheduling apps, and testimonials. Anyone who sends you a message like the one I posted above is a scam artist. PERIOD. Go ahead and report the account and press that block button. The curse they are telling you that you have is a LIE. You do NOT to pay them $200 for a spell to break the curse. This behavior is smells like SCAM even from the other side of the screen.

Think about it, if they are SO GOOD - why do they need to slide into your DM's to try to book a reading?

The second question to ask yourself:

Behind the title, what kind of person are they?

Again, this is another self explanatory question you can pose to yourself. Here is a fact that many people in the spiritual community don't talk about. Are you ready for it?

You can be psychic, or a medium, or an intuitive and still be an a$$hole.


In fact, some of the biggest jerks I have ever met are Psychic Mediums, and "Spiritual Teachers." When developing and seeing your power unfold, often times, people will become arrogant and cocky. They'll start to love the feeling of their ego getting stroked. Even with myself, I have had readings where they were so good, I shocked myself. But I quickly remember to give myself a nice big old serving of humble pie afterward. This work shouldn't be about "oooooh! Look at all my predictions that came true!" It should be about service. It should about healing. It should never be about proving how gifted you are. 


When deciding who to book a reading with, take a look at their social media. See what kind of content they share out into the world. Is this a positive person? Are they down to earth? Do they inspire you? Are they logical and level headed? Treat the process of choosing a spiritual reader like you would a friend or hiring an employee. Readings can be an extremely profound and healing experience and when connecting with a reader, you are connecting in an energy exchange. 

Do you want to work with someone who is negative and angry, or do you want to work with someone who will leave you feeling a sense of peace and clarity after your session?

The last question to ask is:

 What does their online content look like?

I'm not going to be receiving any popularity award in the Spiritual Reader community with this blog post so I might as well go all in and spill ALL of the tea.

I know in the last question I spoke briefly about taking a deeper look into someones content and for a good reason:

When you are running an online business, your social media should be a snapshot into your life and who you are as a person and your website should be your resume. 

Social Media has made it very easy for Spiritual Readers to share their gifts and connect with potential clients. HOWEVER, there are some things I want to point out when it comes to the content people share on their platforms:

  • Claiming to have a message from a late celebrity is NOT Evidential Mediumship. Frankly, this triggers an eye roll on my part. This type of propaganda is great for shares/like/follows and I noticed more and more readers resorting to this type of content because for someone who isn't educated in the field of Evidential Mediumship and Psychic Development as well as the history of the downfall of Spiritualism, it is intriguing and it is a great hook. Evidential Mediumship occurs when someone in physical form can validate the evidence the Medium is receiving from the Spirit Communicator. Sharing a message from Robin Williams or Kobe Bryant is a way to 'hook' someone into watching your content because there is familiarity in those names. Buyer Beware.
  • Someone claiming to have a message for the masses instilled with a sense of fear and/or panic is NOT a light worker. Please use your own intuition and see if this person is wrapping their own fears/depression/and anxiety into what they claim is psychic information. 
  • Someone who has to spend a hefty amount of energy and time proving their gift to the world is a clear indication there are battles within themselves that need to be addressed. Spiritual reader or not, you do not need to prove anything to anyone. Your connection to spirit, to your guides, to the universe is yours. Don't ever think you need to prove to anyone BUT yourself that you are psychic.
  • Someone who claims to be an intuitive but often times shows evidence of manic and erratic behavior can very well be mentally unwell and in no shape to be doing readings for the public.

I know I sound like a broken record player but the moral to the story is this: Use your own intuition when trying to find a reader. A lot of the information I shared above is common sense. Spiritual readers are humans too. They aren't on a higher level than you. They don't know everything. The best readers are the one that understand that they are human, and that they have their own lessons to learn. 





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