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spiritual awakening spirituality | Posted Jan 14, 2022

As exciting as it is to begin diving into your connection to the universe and getting to know your own soul,


You can EASILY get bombarded. 


There are PLENTY of opinions, plenty of opposing views, and plenty of "experts" that will tell you the way the universe works and how to manifest the life of your wildest dreams. 

So much of spirituality is based upon a persons experience or belief, rather than actual concrete facts.


When you find yourself in a place like this you have to be able to take a step back.

You have to remind yourself that the reason you chose spirituality is because you did not like the confines society and religions placed upon you.


You chose spirituality because you wanted to listen and hear the whispers of the universe. 


You chose spirituality because it's completely and totally customizable to what works for you. 


YOU get to figure out what you believe in.

YOU get to decide what lights you up and allows...

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5 Tools For Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

5 Tools For Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Finding solace in spirituality has gained popularity in recent years. More and more people are waking up to the benefits of searching for meaningful connections outside of themselves. But moving from a focus on material things to a more spiritual path can be a tumultuous transition. It’s impossible to be spiritually healthy without looking inwards first, developing a maturity of emotion to balance the deep fulfillment of spiritual healing. This is why it’s so important to find an emotionally healthy spirituality, one that is expressed by your most authentic self.


To do this, there are five important practices to consider. Incorporating these into your daily routine and lifestyle will help you embrace spirituality in an emotionally healthy way, surrendering to limitations while taking control of the new, empowered version of yourself.


Practicing Meditation and Mindfulness

One of the most crucial tools for...

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3 Things I have learned while being a parent

Lately, the topic of parenting and spirituality has been on my mind. 


A couple of weeks ago, after working a full day of creating content and finishing up modules for my coaching program, I felt drawn to take a quick 15 minute meditation break. 


As I lit my candle and sat in front of my alter to start the process of quieting my mind, I could here teen titans blasting downstairs and my children bickering back and forth while my husband tried to separate them.


The whole time this was happening I was acutely aware of it occurring, but I still sat. I still allowed myself to be the observer. 


Soon after that noise died down, the UPS guy showed up with one of my many Amazon packages I have recently ordered. This caused my two basset hounds to completely crazy with barking and howling. Never the less, I allowed my meditation to persist. 


Why? You ask.


Because I value my connection to myself and source.

Because regardless of what...

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EP36 July Q&A Show - Intuitive Souls Podcast

In episode 36, I answer questions from some of my followers on my social media accounts. I really enjoyed this episode and will be setting more up for Season Two (airing on September 3rd, 2019!!)


Spirit guides







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Thank you for your support! 


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