3 Signs you are in DEEP Masculine Energy

Masculine and feminine energy is a hot topic now a days. Many coaches talk about how we must embody the feminine energy and be open to receiving. At times, people may start believing that being in the masculine energy is a terrible thing and keeps you from receiving the abundance that you are calling in. 

Through my own personal journey, I have discovered a couple of things about the what these two energy systems are about and why they are BOTH equally important to call into you life!

Like anything in life, having these two energies is about learning to balance them. You cannot have one without the other unless your whole energetic system of supply and demand will not function. I struggled for YEARS being too much into my masculine energy. I would get frustrated when I worked so hard on a something and saw very little results. After learning more about the flow of masculine and feminine I learned that I was balls deep in masculine energy. 

Mastering the art and feminine...

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