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3 Signs you are in DEEP Masculine Energy

energy flow feminine energy feminine flow masculine masculine energy masculine flow Jun 03, 2019

Masculine and feminine energy is a hot topic now a days. Many coaches talk about how we must embody the feminine energy and be open to receiving. At times, people may start believing that being in the masculine energy is a terrible thing and keeps you from receiving the abundance that you are calling in. 

Through my own personal journey, I have discovered a couple of things about the what these two energy systems are about and why they are BOTH equally important to call into you life!

Like anything in life, having these two energies is about learning to balance them. You cannot have one without the other unless your whole energetic system of supply and demand will not function. I struggled for YEARS being too much into my masculine energy. I would get frustrated when I worked so hard on a something and saw very little results. After learning more about the flow of masculine and feminine I learned that I was balls deep in masculine energy. 

Mastering the art and feminine and masculine is not an easy thing especially with the YEARS of conditioning we have to rewire in order to truly understand how to find a semi-even balance of both of these energies. This article is about signs you are in too deep in the masculine energy and simple way to bring you back to an state of flow.

1) You are in content creation mode.

If you are anything like me, when I am in creation mode, I am laser focused, messy hair, no makeup, sitting at my laptop with little interaction to the outside world. Your number one goal in content creation is producing. Production and creating results is a masculine trait. One must be aware of this. 

I remember after a hardcore 8 hour session of content creation, I noticed my energy was off. It is hard to explain but being a sensitive and intuitive, you become so aware of your energetic field that any slight change does not go unnoticed. I was aware that after all of that production - I had to call in more feminine energy to balance out the flow. 

After a hot shower, sugar scrub, face mask, chakra clearing meditation, and grooming, I was back to my old self! Knowing when you are in too much a certain energy is mandatory in order to allow you to bring more balance and flow into your system.

2) When you are working out.

One of the well known traits of masculine energy is endurance. When you are working hard at the gym, and I mean really killing it- getting your sweat on and laser focused - you are very much embodying the masculine flow of energy (Activities such as yoga, and pilates cultivate more feminine energy.)  A great way to help bring more balance while you are in full blown beast mode is listening to music that makes you feel feminine and sexy. Think about it, you are not feeling your prettiest when you are sweating like a hog and lifting weights - a simple way to bring more feminine flow is by incorporating music that makes you feel like a woman!

Here are some of my favorite girl power songs on my gym playlist:

1) Confident - Demi Lovato

2) I feel like a woman - Shania Twain

3) Blank Space - Taylor Swift

4) Good for you - Selena Gomez

5) Havana - Camila Cabelo 

7) No man women - Sinead OConnor

8) Sexy Silk - Jessie J

9) Material Girl - Madonna

10) Respect - Aretha Franklin

3) Being too much in your left brain.

When you are trying to be logical and analytical - you are very much in the masculine flow of energy. At times, being too much in the left hemisphere can bring up frustration, stress, and anxiety. When you are in problem solving mode, we as human automatically go to our logical mind to find the answers. Granted, sometimes we will find the answers to our problem this way but we are also unknowingly blocking out any intuitive guidance that the universe is trying to give us!!

A perfect example of this is that scene from Miracle on 34th Street with Mara Wilson, where they are in the court room and she handed the judge a Christmas Card with a dollar bill in it with the saying "In God We Trust" circled in red marker. The court room and everyone involved was SO in the masculine energy trying to figure out in a logical and analytical way - how Kris Kringle can actually BE Santa Claus! Yet, with a simple reminder, from an adorable brown haired girl - the whole experience rejoiced and set Kris Kringle free from any accusations. 

Stop trying to figure everything out. Stop thinking that the answers to everything is found outside of yourself. When you find yourself in a predicament like this - surrender. Ask for guidance and believe it when it shows up.




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