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When I was writing The Light Compass, I knew I wanted it to be more than a guidebook. I wanted it to be an experience

I wanted to share the tools that I have learned along the way that have helped me heal, strengthen my connection to Spirit, and believe in myself and a power far greater than anything any of us can ever imagine.


There is no right way to walk the spiritual path. There is only your path. 

The path back to home to yourself,

The path of healing and growth and many 'WTF' moments.


The Light Compass is meant to be a guidebook, a guiding light as you begin to wake up to your souls calling and walk the path you are destined to be on.

When you purchase a copy of my book, The Light Compass, you get lifetime access to my virtual workshop, The Light Compass Workshop {$99 value} for free.

Simply share a photo or video of your copy of the book on Instagram or TikTok, be sure to tag me in it (@ericawrusso) and i'll send you access to the workshop.



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The Best Spiritual Journey Books To Read Now


Spiritual journey books will help you along your journey so I am sharing some of my favorite with you! Spiritual journeys have been pursued a variety of reasons, including self-improvement, seeking inner peace, and discovering more about oneself. A spiritual journey might be a personal awakening or your quest for answers to life's most pressing concerns. 


What is a spiritual journey? 


A spiritual journey is one in which you discover who you are, what your life challenges are, and how to achieve harmony with the world around you.


What is the purpose of a spiritual journey? 


A spiritual journey is rarely about finding answers; instead, it is about asking questions repeatedly.


Signs you are being called to start your spiritual journey

  • You yearn for a place that you can call " home."
  • You're always trying to figure out what your meaning or purpose in life is.
  • You have the feeling that you have a significant journey ahead of you.
  • ...
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Spiritual Awakening Books

Welcome. Let me start this off by letting you know I know exactly how you are feeling right now. You might be feeling lost, afraid, alone, maybe disconnected from reality.

When you hear the term 'spiritual awakening' people often think it is like running through a field of wildflowers with the sun beaming on your face. Most will believe or assume that a spiritual awakening or a "dark night of the soul" is something along the lines of a quarter life or mid-life crisis. They will roll their eyes and use quotation marks when talking about a "spiritual awakening." They will make assumptions, pass judgements, and never be able to comprehend what a true spiritual awakening entails.


But you and I, we know better.

We've been endured it. We sat in rooms filled with people while we felt utterly alone. We sat on the other side of the table of our closest and dearest friends while we began to realize the conversations we once loved being a part of, are now superficial and...

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