3 Questions to ask yourself when choosing a Spiritual Reader

Well... It finally happened.

Some scam artist created a fake account in my name. They took all of my photos, and content and went through my followers list and started randomly sending messages asking if people were interested in readings. 


Luckily, my followers are smart enough to reach out to me letting me what was going on. Here are some snapshots of the scam artist.

Being someone who has a strong moral compass, and has built my online platform helping others trust their own intuition and holding values of integrity and honesty, this burned my ass.


In all seriousness, whoever this person is, they chose the WRONG person to f*ck with. I'm so curious what was going on in this persons mind when they were taking screen shots of my instagram feed and uploading them to a new account. Did you honestly think I wasn't going to blast you all over my platform and podcast and turn this into learning experience?


With that being, I am going to take this lemon and...

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