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8 ways you receive psychic information

clairs empath psychic psychic centers psychic development psychic senses spiritual development Sep 23, 2019
For many years, the information provided about psychic sensitivities have been very misleading. TV Shows like Ghost Whisperer and Medium are amazing but don't give us a good, accurate example as to what psychic phenomena actually looks like. 
It is true what they say - we are all psychic. We all have the capability to receive psychic information and connect to spirit. Spiritual gifts are not just a handed down generational things for the selected few. 
The growth and awareness of psychic and mediumship development has slowly but surely progressed in the past decade or so. Now, in the age of technology there is a ton of information out there that debunks the mysticism of psychic phenomena. 
So where am I going with this exactly?
Simple. I'm going to talk about the different ways in which WE ALL receive psychic information. YES. ALL. OF. US.
Each and every one of us has had AT LEAST one psychic experience during the duration of our life. And MOST of us are not aware of it. Knowing how we receive psychic information is crucial in understanding that you - YES YOU - are an intuitive bad ass!

Let's begin!


The way we receive psychic information is the same way we receive regular information: through our 5 senses. 
We know something is salty through our sense of taste.
We know that the sky is blue because of our sense of sight.
We know that something is too hot or too hold with the sense of touch.
Receiving spiritual information comes through us in these types of ways which are called 'clairs.' Your 'clairs' are your portals to obtaining psychic insight. Knowing the clairs and knowing which ones are your strongest will help you understand your psychic skills much better. 
If you are interested in taking a deeper dive into understanding your psychic senses and learning to grow and develop them, you might want to check out my mini course, Enhance your psychic centers

Ready? Let's talk Psychic Centers.

CLAIRTANGENCY: Clairtangency is the ability to obtain psychic information through touch. You may have experienced this if you have been in proximity of a person or object and have picked up information that you couldn't have known from previous knowledge or understanding.
This clair is also known as 'psychometry' which is the practice of retrieving psychic information through tangible objects. A great place to practice this is an antique shop or at an estate sale! Adding psychometry to my already deep love to garage and estate sales have made the experience a lot more fun! Next time you stop at a garage sale, give it a try! (PS - Metal objects work best when practicing this since they hold energy very well.)
CLAIRVOYANCE: The most popular of all the clairs is clairvoyance - which is clear seeing. With clairvoyance, you receive extrasensory impressions and symbols through your minds eye(third eye). You may have a strong sense of clairvoyance if you have a vivid imagination, or experience vivid dreams. 
In my personal opinion, developing my clairvoyance has been the easiest to do since I already have a vivid imagination and i live in my head(TRUE Aquararius trait.) 
CLAIRCOGNIZANCE: You experience claircognizance (clear knowing) when you just suddenly know something to be true, even though you didn’t
see it, hear it or feel it. You just know it. I call this a cosmic download because it doesn't come through any of your senses. It's just piece of knowledge that was placed in your mind that you know to be true. 
It's kinda weird. I had a tough time wrapping my head around this one because it came to me later in my development. And since i didn't have any tangible evidence to confirm this information I had a hard time believing it. 
With practice and surrender, you learn to trust and have faith with it just like you do with your other clairs. Please note - SURRENDER is the key word.
CLAIRAUDIENT: Clairaudient is clear hearing. This is when you perceive subtle sounds, noises, or words from the spiritual realms. Sometimes this information will come in the sound of a car honking. Other times it is a simple, calming whisper. 
Regardless of what it is, it is through the sense of hearing you obtain this information.
Being sensitive to sound may make you clairaudient. Musicians, singers, and highly sensitive people often have a good sense of clairaudience.
CLAIREMPATHY: Clairempathy is clear emotion. It is the awareness or perception of emotional energy. You are clairempathic if you sense and feel other peoples emotions. You may not necessarily experience the feeling in your body, but you are aware of the feeling. 
Being empathic can often lead you to feel drained due to your sponge like qualities. If you believe yourself to be clairempathic it is important to educate yourself on grounding and protection techniques to successfully manage your heightened sensitivity and protect yourself from energetic overload.
**A skilled empath knows how to maintain spiritual boundaries, replenish energy and clear unwanted negative energy from their auric field. I touch more on this in my course The Enlightened Empath.
CLAIRSENTIENT: A clairsentient (clear physical feeling) obtains intuitive insight by way of a physical experience in their body. You have a “gut feeling” or “something doesn’t feel right,” and you experience it a physical sensation within your body. Clairsentient’s feel (not just sense) the experience of other people’s emotions, ailments or injuries. They can also feel the physical and emotional pain of a land or a place where tragic events have occurred such as fear, jealousy, insecurity, hatred, and pain.
**The difference between clairempathy and clairsentience is that empaths sense the emotion whereas sentients experience the emotion. Empaths SENSE the energy, but sentients FEEL the energy.**
CLAIRSALIENCE: Clairsalience is clear smelling. This is when psychic insights come in the form of a scent. Have you ever smelt baked apple pie or tobacco smoke when there was no physical evidence around? This is clairsaleince.
I notice a lot of the time my clairsalience kicks in when I am doing a mediumship reading. I will smell a womens perfume, or a grandfathers tobacco pipe or get a whiff of roses. I believe spirit uses smell to bring a sense of reminiscing and memories to us on the earth realm. 
I know that every time I catch a smell of my grandfather(who had his own very distinct smell) I always feel comforted knowing that he is around and always brings a flood of wonderful memories with it.
For those with clairsalience (clear smelling), insights come through the perception of smell, such as smelling a fragrance or odor of a substance, person, place, or animal that is not in your immediate surroundings. These odors are perceived without the use of your physical nose. 
CLAIRGUSTANCE: An individual with clairgustance (clear tasting) receives psychic information through their sense of taste, without having any physical source of that taste in their mouth. You might taste your grandmothers pot roast, or your aunts famous key lime pie. Please note - that this sense, as well as all the others are very subtle and can be easily missed if you are not present in the moment. 
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