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Mar 26, 2023

The one thing all the spiritual teachers and personal development gurus don't tell you is that it is damn near certain that you will eventually fall of the wagon at some point along your journey.


An old thought form will creep back in,

Self Sabotaging behavior will rope you back into a place of discontent and playing it small.

The stories you told yourself for years and years that kept you small will inevitably show back up, and you will end up believing them. 


The spiritual teachers of today do an amazing job lifting us up, inspiring us, and sharing with us instagram story worthy quotes. But when it comes to sticking to the path, pushing through the fear, and getting back up when we fall flat on our face, the only person in the room, the only person who can get ourselves back up is us.


We need to hold enough strength and enough faith to pick ourselves up when the world pushes us down.


We need to allow the failures to be our teachers, and not our excuses.


The road to where we are meant to go was not made to be easy. 

It was made to give us the experiences we needed in order to come full circle.


To work through our karma,

To remember our power and abilities,

and to understand that faith is a key component to living the life of our wildest dreams.


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