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building a business business coach entrepenuer Nov 28, 2021
the entrepreneurial mind

It is 8:56pm on a Friday evening.

I'm sitting in bed drinking chocolate milk still unable to make myself close my laptop, put on some binge worthy show on tv, and veg out after a long week.


I've decided that my in this blog, I'm going to throw away the already very small filter I have and just share the raw fucking truth. The stuff behind the scenes that the coaches and online content creators don't share with you on their insta stories or beautiful instagram feeds. 


I'm going to vent. 

I'm going to share my journey. 

I'm going to talk about whatever the hell I want to talk about in that moment. 


And at this moment, at 9:05pm on Friday evening, I want to talk about the shit you don't see.. The hours, the love, the hair pulling, the failures, the carefully soul inspired programs and launches that are epic failures...


As I was doing work on my computer, I always have on something in the background. Most of the time it's subliminals but sometimes I put on a training or a coaching session from my coach and today, her words spoke directly to my soul.


The stream of consciousness that was coming out of her made me stop typing, sit back, close my eyes and just listen.


She spoke about her insecurities, her failures, her shitty launches.

During this time, she wasn't the super successful, rich, well known coach and entrepreneur that I envision myself being.. she was someone different, someone who felt so familiar and so relatable. 

I saw a woman who started out with NO following, NO email list, NO leads, and NO clue how she was going to attain her big dreams. 

I saw the woman who has a fire under her ass and a message she wanted to share with the world in a big way. 

I saw me.


Just like my accurate psychic and mediumship hits, I wish I started keeping tabs of all the times I wanted to quit. Or at least throw a temper tantrum. 


I wish I can remember all the times I was turned down, or to keep it brutally honest, f*cked (not in a literal way.) I knew starting and running my own business was going to be hard, but I wasn't aware of the mental and emotional strain it puts upon a person. 

The hours, the commitment and the physical labor is easy compared to the mental warfare you go through. 

Some days you are on cloud 9, other days you are walking around contemplating whether or not you made the decision in starting a business. 


You have to be mentally tough in order to be an entrepreneur .

You have to have the ability not to take things personally. 

You have to have an outlet, or a means of release. Whether that is exercise, or creating, or writing. You need something to have that is good for your mental health. 


If you made it this far, I'm glad you stuck around.

If you are an entrepenuer, I see you. 

I am right there with you.

I know what it likes to have something inside that needs to be shared with the world. 


Take a big deep breath. Allow this to be a rest stop. You are doing fucking amazing. You are working really hard. You might not see the effects just yet, but I promise you the universe does. <3



You are a badass,

you are intuitive,

and you are really pretty.


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