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Three powerful tools to speed up your manifestation

abraham hicks intention manifestation manifesting Aug 06, 2021

It is all here already. Everything you want is flowing to you, and all you have to do is call it in. But how? And why does it take so long… right? Sometimes we think that because the things we want are so big, it will also take a lot of time and effort to get them. The truth, however, is that all you have to do is make the things that feel really big feel really simple. So how do you stop putting your ego, societal pressures, and limiting beliefs between you and that which is already yours? Here are some simple yet powerful tools to speed up your manifestations: 

From reacting to intending

This is a technique I learned from the Spiritual Teacher/Channel Abraham Hicks. Since learning this practice nearly 4 years ago, I have made it a part of my everyday life and my life and my intentional manifestations have dramatically changed! 

Life comes to you in perfect response, but what if you could get out ahead of it? By segment intending—acknowledging that you have entered a new segment, or a new block of time, in which your intentions will be a little different than in the previous one—you contemplate on what it is exactly that you are looking for, and intentionally line up with the vibration of the segment to come, as to give the universe the opportunity to yield that which you are asking for. Segment intending is getting clear on the specifics of a particular moment in time, and can make the difference between reacting or intending. 

5 x 55 method

Need something more concrete? Consider this popular law of attraction method a helpful tool that works as an attraction excelerator. This works especially well if you have a very clear and powerful manifestation that is so special to you that it deserves some extra attention. Write it down in present tense 55 times and repeat this practice for 5 consecutive days. 

Are you not 100% clear on what it is exactly that you want to manifest? Use these 15 exercises to develop and strengthen your intuition so you can start to listen to the language of your soul and find out what it is you really want and need to feel good. 

Script to manifest

By now, it must be clear to you how powerful words are to change your reality, so what about putting them on paper? This is more than a promise - this is a contract between you and the universe. All you need is a journal, a pen, and a space where you feel safe and creative. Write down what you are manifesting as if it has already happened to you. Write it down in great detail, and make sure to involve all your senses to record exactly how having what you want makes you feel. 

Manifestation is not a wish fountain but a way of being. Every manifestation is a desire to feel good. It is about allowing what you want to happen to happen. About getting out of the way. It is about changing your heart to where it is in alignment with what is for you - all of it. 


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