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spiritual awakening Nov 15, 2021

I have a genuine question to ask,


When did being 'spiritual' become a personality trait?


The more time I spend on social media, the more detached from the label of 'spiritual' I become. I have already started walking away from the label of Psychic Medium and I have to start tip toeing away from the 'spiritual' label as well because it has become more about the surface level spirituality shit than the actually power and healing that spirituality offers.


When I first experienced my awakening back in 2017, the thought of 'being spiritual' never even crossed my mind. What the fuck does 'being spiritual' entail anyway? 

Is there an open recruitment going on that I have missed?



Job Includes:

  • Work your light deck by Rebecca Campbell
  • A bundle of sage and abalone shell
  • A guided meditation that you do 1-3 times and then give up because you can't 'stop your thoughts'
  • Added everyday vocabulary including manifestation, paradigm, consciousness, twin flame, karma, and more.


I don't know about you, but when another 'spiritual' person pops up on my feed, it always reminds me of those people that dress up like the statue of liberty during tax season and dances on the street corner until April 15th comes around and they are nowhere to seen.


When you begin your spiritual journey because it's the trending thing to do, 9 times out 10 you will get over the trend and never begin to understand or comprehend what spirituality can ultimately offer you.


My intention for writing this blog isn't to call anyone out, or to trigger anyone [which I'm sure I am], it's to share with you what I have witnessed in my experience being a Professional Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life & Business Mentor in the online world for over 4 years.

When I first experienced my awakening back in 2017, the thought of 'being spiritual' never even crossed my mind. 

My awakening looked like this: I felt completely detached from my reality and the life I was living. I began to see how pretentious and fake my "friends" were. I started to become aware of my shadow, and the trauma that I have not yet began to heal. I felt alone and I knew that going to a shrink and getting a low dose of Zoloft wasn't the answer.

I got sick and tired of my own shit.

I wanted to change.

I wanted to become a better version of myself. 

I wanted to connect to my soul.

I wanted to strengthen my faith.

I wanted to experience life for myself and not be told by other how to live.


I didn't become 'spiritual' because I saw that Carnelian was trending on TikTok, or because using the 369 manifestation method will manifest the things you are wanting most... 

I turned to spirituality because I wanted to heal.

Not because I wanted to become trendy.



Since 2020 and the start of the pandemic there has been a dramatic increase in "Manifestation Coaches" "Psychic Mediums" & "Spiritual Mentors"

Some of which being absolutely incredible healers and others hopping on the 'Spiritual' bandwagon to make a quick buck and at least make the money back they have invested into oracle decks and crystals.


Anyone can google 5x55 manifestion method and share it on a 1 minute TikTok. That doesn't mean they are an manifestation expert.

Anyone can claim to be a Psychic Medium.

Anyone can claim to be a Lightworker.

Anyone can claim to be an Empath.

There is no test or requirement in order to use these terms or labels. That is why trusting your own intuition and tuning into your own energy when these people cross your path is SO important. Your intuition will use feelings in order to grab your attention. 


If something feels good, it's a green light.

If you feel apprehensive or uncomfortable, it's a red light.



I have personally witnessed people:

  • Claim to be a Medium after attending ONE Mediumship Development Circle.
  • Claim to be a Psychic Medium and begin offering readings when I never even witnessed them deliver an evidential mediumship or psychic reading.
  • Use Narcissistic tendencies such as gaslighting and victim mentality while they have 'Lightworker' in their Instagram bio.
  • Offer 'Lightbody Readings' where the person would use unethical psychic reading tactics to lure the persons lightbody closer to them.
  • Claim they have a message from Kobe Bryant, Robin Williams, and Gabby Petito and Ted Bundy. All of which are NOT Evidential Mediumship.
  • A "Lightworker" and "Psychic Medium" block me and say "fuck off" because I told her I didn't feel comfortable with allowing anyone to offer readings in the facebook group we were both Admins for.


It sucks that I even need to write this, but the truth is that the Spiritual Industry is just like any other industry. You have great people in it and you have not so great people in it. Don't allow someones titles they choose to use cloud the energy that they give off.


You are more intuition than you know. <3

xo - Erica

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