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Breathwork: Techniques For Breathing To Try Now

breathing techniques breathwork Jul 04, 2022



While not new, breathwork is currently a trendy practice. People have used techniques for breathing for thousands of years, and its roots are in yoga.


The main principle of breathwork is that when you breathe in, you nurture your body and mind while exhaling poisons and tension.


In order to effectively utilize breathwork and get the most out of the experience, you need to surrender and allow yourself to fully receive. 


What is breathwork?

Any kind of breathing exercise or method is referred to as breathwork. People frequently practice them to enhance their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

People use techniques for breathing to:

  • develop & increase self-awareness
  • release negative thoughts
  • increase happiness
  • boost immunity
  • enrich creativity
  • improve personal and professional relationships
  • process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma
  • develop life skills
  • aid positive self-development
  • increase confidence and self-esteem
  • overcome addictions
  • reduce stress and anxiety levels


Breathwork is also used to aid with a variety of problems, including:


  • chronic pain
  • anger issues
  • grief
  • PTSD
  • depression
  • emotional effects of illness
  • anxiety


What are the benefits of breathwork?

Your central nervous system can benefit from breathwork. Your breathing usually becomes quick and shallow when you're under stress.


As a result, less oxygen can enter your bloodstream. Your body reacts in fight-or-flight mode after your brain alerts it to a threat.

Techniques for breathing


Deep abdominal breathing:


A prolonged, deep inhale is used in this method. 


You can picture your body being filled up as you breathe. When you live, your chest and belly should both enlarge. Your navel pulls back into your spine, and your chest relaxes as you exhale. Your body is instructed to rest by this style of deep breathing.



Alternate nostril breathing:

Push down on your right nostril with your thumb first. Only use your left nostril to inhale, then hold your breath while you flip sides.


When you exhale through the right nostril, let go of your thumb and press your index finger onto the left nostril. After pausing, inhale deeply once more and then switch sides once more.


This kind of breathing exercise promotes mental and physical equilibrium.



4-7-8 Breath:

In order to calm and concentrate your thoughts, this technique includes counting the beats as you inhale and exhale.


Take a four-beat to inhale, hold it for seven beats, and then let out an eight-beat exhale. You're more likely to empty your lungs if you take a deeper exhale fully.

Holotropic breathwork:


It's ideal for practicing this technique with the assistance of an expert who has practiced this form of breathwork.


The goal is to achieve an uninterrupted inhalation and exhalation pattern.


Your cells are renewed, and your body is flooded with oxygen when you breathe this way.


Breath of fire:

This is a more sophisticated method.


Your stomach muscles are relaxed when you breathe. Engage your core as you exhale to help force the air from your body.


It could take some practice to use this breathing method. Once accomplished, it aids in fostering a feeling of steadiness.

Revelation Breathwork:

This form of breathwork is my personal favorite and one I am a facilitator of. It focuses of an easy belly - chest - exhale method and is done lying down. Intererested in trying it out? My reset and refresh bundle offer 3 pre-recorded breathwork classes for only $33! A savings of $66! To gain lifetime access of these three classes go here.

What are the cons of breathwork?



It may take some time to improve your focus and concentration on the breathing exercises because breathwork demands focus.


Breathwork will not be as successful if you are interrupted during a session by noise or events happening around you.




More difficult breathwork techniques could cause you to hyperventilate if you're just starting.


This is risky because you might also feel lightheaded, dizzy, have muscular spasms, experience tingling in your limbs, or have an irregular heartbeat.


Breathwork in any form is a powerful tool for ones personal and spiritual journey.

To try it out for yourself, be sure to check out my reset & refresh bundle that gives you lifetime access to 3 pre-recorded revelation breathwork classes for only $11 per class!

Reset & Refresh Bundle



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