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98 Herbs & Their Magical Properties

herbs herbs for spiritual development spiritual herbal Jul 04, 2022

There is nothing more magical than a witches garden. There is no better way to explain it. You can FEEL the difference between a garden that is filled with possibility, healing, nourishment, and miracles and one that is meant to feed the family.


But the question is, why are witches gardens so incredibly magical? 

It's because they are not only filled with healing and delicious food and herbs, but because the witch knows the MAGICAL properties of the herbs as well. 


In this blog post, I have gathered up a whole bunch of popular herbs and their magical properties in hopes that you can find the magic in your garden and in your life ;)



1)Ginger: power. prosperity, romance, victory.

2) Horehound: Exorcism, Healing, Mental Powers, Protection

3) Chicory Root: Favors, Frugality, Headaches

4) Lemongrass: Repels snakes, Lust, Psychic powers, Tea
5) Fennel: Protection, Healing, Money, Purification
6) Angelica Root: Exorcism, Healing, Protection, Visions
7) Celery seed: Lust, Mental Powers, Psychic powers
8) Mugwort: Strength, Psychic powers, Prophetic dreams
9) Chickweed: Fidelity, love
10) Pine: Cleansing, exorcism, Fertility, healing, Money, Protection
11) Olive Leaf: Healing, Love, Peace, Protection
12) Flax seed: Money, Beauty, Psychic powers, Healing, Protection
13) Nettle Leaf/Root: Uses: Antidote, Courage, Exorcism, Healing, Lust, Protection (Caution when handling (stings)
14) Agrimony: Uses: Protection, Sleep
15) Lemon Peel: Uses: cleansing, spiritual opening, purification, removal of blockages.
16) Licorice Root: Uses: Fidelity, Love, Lust
17) Benzoin Gum: Uses: Prosperity, Purification
18) Mustard Seed: Fidelity, Protection, Mental powers
19) Mullein: Courage, Protection, health, love, Divination, Exorcism
20) Jasmine Flower: Love, Money, Prophetic dreams
21) Basil (Egyptian): Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection
22) Gotu Kola: Meditation
23) Cinnamon Cassia: Spirituality, Success, Lust, Healing Power, Psychic powers
24) Celery Seed: Lust, Mental powers, Psychic powers
25) Pennyroyal: Peace, Protection, Strength
26) Dandelion: Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes
27) Clamus Root: Luck, Money, Protection, healing
28) Lavender flower: Protection, Peace, sleep, attraction
29) Anise Seed: Joy, Protection, Purification
30) Cascara sagrada: Legal Matters, Money, Protection
31) Elder Flower: Protection, Sleep, healing, Prosperity, exorcism
32) Yarrow: Courage, Divination, Love, Exorcism, Psychic powers
33) Gum Arabic: Protection, Psychic Powers
34) Coriander seed: Love, health, healing
35) Chaparral: Healing, Healing spell blends
36) Coltsfoot leaf: Love, Visions
37) Kelp: Travel Protectoin
38) Jasmine Flower: Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams
39) Wormwood: Calling Spirits, Divination
40) White Willow Bark: Purification, Healing, Love, Protection
41) St. John's wort: Health, Protection, Strength, Happiness
42) Rosemary: Healing, Lust, Love, Memory, Protection
43) Copal Oro: Love, Purification
44) Catnip: Beauty, Cat magic, Friendship, Happiness, Love, joy, attraction
45) Bay Leaf: Dreams, Healing, Protection, Visions, Psychic powers, Repels negative energy
46) Eucalyptus: Healing, Protection
47) Ginger Root: Love, Money, Power, Success
48) Shepard's Purse: Healing, Spells, And Rituals
49) Pink Salt: Multiple uses.
50) Cumin Seed: Anti-theft, Exorcism, Fidelity, Protection
51) White Oak Bark: Healing, Money, health, Fertility, Protection, Luck
52) Blue Vervain: Cleansing, Healing, Love, Money, Peace, Protection, Sleep
53) Orange Peel: Love, Divination, Luck, Money
54) Cedar: Healing, Money, Protection, Purification
55) Bladderwrack: Money, Protection, Psychic powers, Sea spells
56) Strawberry Leaf: Love, Luck
57) Raspberry leaf: Protection, Love, Magic
58) Sesame Seed: Lust, Money, Spells
59) Anise Star: Psychic powers, Protection
60) Oats, Organic: Money, Spells
61) Spearmint Leaf: Augmenting Power, Healing, Love, Luck, Sleep strength
62) Blessed Thistle: Protection, Spiritual Aid
63) Allspice: Healing, luck, money, prosperity, abundance
64) Burdock root: Protection, healing
65) Red Clover: Love, Protection, money, fidelity, success, exorcism
66) Buckthorn Bark: Legal matters, Protection
67) Elderberry: Protection, Sleep, healing, Prosperity, Exorcism
68) Hyssop: Purification, Protection
69) Rose Hips: Luck, Healing,
70) Wood Betony: Healing, Love, Protection, Prevents nightmares, Purification
71) Rice: Protection, Rain, Fertility, Money, Success
72) Uva Ursi: Psychic workings
73) Dill Seed: Love, Lust, Money, Protection
74) Shavegress: Fertility, Snake charming
75) Fenugreek: Money, Fertility
76) Senna Leaf: Love, Magic
77) Myrrh Gum: Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Spirituality
78) Peppermint: Sleep, Love, healing
79) Lemon Balm: Depression, Love, Healing, Protection
80) Hibiscus: Divination, Love, Lust
81) Poke Root: Courage, hex-breaking
82) Poppy Seed: Fertility, Invisibility, Love, Fidelity, Exorcism, Success
83) Chamomile flower: Money, Sleep, Love, Purification
84) Alfalfa leaf: Anti-hunger, Money, Magic, Prosperity
85) Meadowsweet: Balance, Divination, Harmony, Happiness, Love, Peace
86) Thyme Leaf: Cleansing, Courage, Energy, Healing, Sleep, Health, Love, Psychic powers, Purification
87) Carawy seed: Anti-theft, health, love charms, Lust, Mental powers, Passion, Protection
88) Calendula Petals (Marigold): Clairvoyance, Energy, Legal matters, Love, Prophesy, Psychic powers
89) Passion Flower: Friendship, Peace, Sleep
90) Olive Leaf: healing, Love, Peace, Protection
91) Sage: Fertility, Immortality, healing, Health, Protection, Wisdom, Wishes
92) Dandelion: Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes
93) Mistletoe: Fertility, Love, Happiness, Health, Money, Protection
94) Lemon Balm: Depression, Love, Healing, Protection
95) Elder Flower: Protection, Sleep, Healing, Prosperity, Exorcism
96) Licorice Root: Fidelity, Love, Lust
97) Frankincense: Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality

98) Valerian: Protection, Purification, Sleep




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