98 Herbs & their spiritual properties

 I have always been intrigued by the medicinal and spiritual properties of herbs. I love incorporating these things into my life as well as using them for their super powerful medicinal powers! 

Here is a list of herbs and the spiritual aspects of them!

1)Ginger: power. prosperity, romance, victory.

2) Horehound: Exorcism, Healing, Mental Powers, Protection

3) Chicory Root: Favors, Frugality, Headaches

4) Lemongrass: Repels snakes, Lust, Psychic powers, Tea
5) Fennel: Protection, Healing, Money, Purification
6) Angelica Root: Exorcism, Healing, Protection, Visions
7) Celery seed: Lust, Mental Powers, Psychic powers
8) Mugwort: Strength, Psychic powers, Prophetic dreams
9) Chickweed: Fidelity, love
10) Pine: Cleansing, exorcism, Fertility, healing, Money, Protection
11) Olive Leaf: Healing, Love, Peace, Protection
12) Flax seed: Money, Beauty, Psychic powers, Healing, Protection
13) Nettle Leaf/Root: Uses: Antidote, Courage, Exorcism, Healing, Lust, Protection (Caution when handling (stings)
14) Agrimony: Uses: Protection, Sleep
15) Lemon Peel: Uses: cleansing, spiritual opening, purification, removal of blockages.
16) Licorice Root: Uses: Fidelity, Love, Lust
17) Benzoin Gum: Uses: Prosperity, Purification
18) Mustard Seed: Fidelity, Protection, Mental powers
19) Mullein: Courage, Protection, health, love, Divination, Exorcism
20) Jasmine Flower: Love, Money, Prophetic dreams
21) Basil (Egyptian): Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection
22) Gotu Kola: Meditation
23) Cinnamon Cassia: Spirituality, Success, Lust, Healing Power, Psychic powers
24) Celery Seed: Lust, Mental powers, Psychic powers
25) Pennyroyal: Peace, Protection, Strength
26) Dandelion: Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes
27) Clamus Root: Luck, Money, Protection, healing
28) Lavender flower: Protection, Peace, sleep
29) Anise Seed: Joy, Protection, Purification
30) Cascara sagrada: Legal Matters, Money, Protection
31) Elder Flower: Protection, Sleep, healing, Prosperity, exorcism
32) Yarrow: Courage, Divination, Love, Exorcism, Psychic powers
33) Gum Arabic: Protection, Psychic Powers
34) Coriander seed: Love, health, healing
35) Chaparral: Healing, Healing spell blends
36) Coltsfoot leaf: Love, Visions
37) Kelp: Travel Protectoin
38) Jasmine Flower: Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams
39) Wormwood: Calling Spirits, Divination
40) White Willow Bark: Purification, Healing, Love, Protection
41) St. John's wort: Health, Protection, Strength, Happiness
42) Rosemary: Healing, Lust, Love, Memory, Protection
43) Copal Oro: Love, Purification
44) Catnip: Beauty, Cat magic, Friendship, Happiness, Love, joy
45) Bay Leaf: Dreams, Healing, Protection, Visions, Psychic powers, Repels negative energy
46) Eucalyptus: Healing, Protection
47) Ginger Root: Love, Money, Power, Success
48) Shepard's Purse: Healing, Spells, And Rituals
49) Pink Salt: Multiple uses.
50) Cumin Seed: Anti-theft, Exorcism, Fidelity, Protection
51) White Oak Bark: Healing, Money, health, Fertility, Protection, Luck
52) Blue Vervain: Cleansing, Healing, Love, Money, Peace, Protection, Sleep
53) Orange Peel: Love, Divination, Luck, Money
54) Cedar: Healing, Money, Protection, Purification
55) Bladderwrack: Money, Protection, Psychic powers, Sea spells
56) Strawberry Leaf: Love, Luck
57) Raspberry leaf: Protection, Love, Magic
58) Sesame Seed: Lust, Money, Spells
59) Anise Star: Psychic powers, Protection
60) Oats, Organic: Money, Spells
61) Spearmint Leaf: Augmenting Power, Healing, Love, Luck, Sleep strength
62) Blessed Thistle: Protection, Spiritual Aid
63) Allspice: Healing, luck, money
64) Burdock root: Protection, healing
65) Red Clover: Love, Protection, money, fidelity, success, exorcism
66) Buckthorn Bark: Legal matters, Protection
67) Elderberry: Protection, Sleep, healing, Prosperity, Exorcism
68) Hyssop: Purification, Protection
69) Rose Hips: Luck, Healing,
70) Wood Betony: Healing, Love, Protection, Prevents nightmares, Purification
71) Rice: Protection, Rain, Fertility, Money, Success
72) Uva Ursi: Psychic workings
73) Dill Seed: Love, Lust, Money, Protection
74) Shavegress: Fertility, Snake charming
75) Fenugreek: Money, Fertility
76) Senna Leaf: Love, Magic
77) Myrrh Gum: Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Spirituality
78) Peppermint: Sleep, Love, healing
79) Lemon Balm: Depression, Love, Healing, Protection
80) Hibiscus: Divination, Love, Lust
81) Poke Root: Courage, hex-breaking
82) Poppy Seed: Fertility, Invisibility, Love, Fidelity, Exorcism, Success
83) Chamomile flower: Money, Sleep, Love, Purification
84) Alfalfa leaf: Anti-hunger, Money, Magic, Prosperity
85) Meadowsweet: Balance, Divination, Harmony, Happiness, Love, Peace
86) Thyme Leaf: Cleansing, Courage, Energy, Healing, Sleep, Health, Love, Psychic powers, Purification
87) Carawy seed: Anti-theft, health, love charms, Lust, Mental powers, Passion, Protection
88) Calendula Petals (Marigold): Clairvoyance, Energy, Legal matters, Love, Prophesy, Psychic powers
89) Passion Flower: Friendship, Peace, Sleep
90) Olive Leaf: healing, Love, Peace, Protection
91) Sage: Fertility, Immortality, healing, Health, Protection, Wisdom, Wishes
92) Dandelion: Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes
93) Mistle Toe: Fertility, Love, Happiness, Health, Money, Protection
94) Lemon Balm: Depression, Love, Healing, Protection
95) Elder Flower: Protection, Sleep, Healing, Prosperity, Exorcism
96) Licorice Root: Fidelity, Love, Lust
97) Frankincense: Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality
98) Valerian: Protection, Purification, Sleep


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